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Professor Jonathan Halevy graduated summa cum laude from the Sackler Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and completed his residency at the Rabin (Beilinson) Medical Center. After a two-year fellowship in gastroenterology at Yale, Professor Halevy briefly served as acting head of an Internal Medicine Department in Beilinson before being appointed Director-General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem in 1988, a position he continues to hold. In addition to heading Shaare Zedek and one of its internal medicine units, Professor Halevy has been a member of the Council of National Service since 2006 and is currently Chairman of the Public Committee of the National List of Health Services. Professor Halevy is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School. The author of more than 100 medical articles and papers, he has published three books in his fields of special interest: “Key Facts in Gastroenterology” (1986), “The Doctor-Patient Relationship” (2003) and “Complementary and Alternative Medicine – The Facts” (2005).

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